Atlas Pacific Brass Bronze Ingot Zamak Copper Brass Waffle Aluminum
BiWalite, Atlas Pacific Environmentally Friendly, No Lead, Low Lead, Lead Free Alloys Biwalite
Metal Recycling brass copper aluminum
Brass / Bronze Ingot C84400, C85800, C87300, SeBiLOY, EnviroBrass, alloy, brass

Atlas Pacific's products include traditional leaded red and semi red brass (C83600, C84400), new lead free alloys like Biwalite™ (C83470 other lead free alloys (89833/ 89836) , as well as yellow brass (C85800) and silicon bronze (C87300). We can produce or supply brass and bronze ingots to almost any specification and frequently produce custom alloys to meet specific needs. We produce several alloys that are proprietary to specific customers. See product tables for a list of some of the non-proprietary allows that we produce.
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Zinc Ingot zinc zamak brightener bar die cast alloy

Atlas Pacific produces common zinc die cast alloys Zamak 3, 5 and 7, as well as brightener bar, and foundry alloys. These and other alloys can be produced or supplied in ingots and bundled to your specification.

Quality metal testing chemist

Atlas Pacific has a full time chemist on staff who, in addition to testing for quality control, can assist with chemical and physical analysis of copper based and zinc alloys. This is a service that we provide free of charge to our regular customers and vendors.