Order Fulfillment:

Atlas Pacific can produce or supply brass and bronze ingots to almost any specification and frequently produce custom alloys. We work directly with your team to solve any logistics requirements and ensure timely delivery.

Scrap Processing:

Atlas Pacific provides bins for scrap metal - For industrial and commercial customers, we provide scrap metal containers that we deliver, exchange and pick up as needed.

Training in scrap metal identification - Metal recycling materials are like buried treasure in plain sight. Most people are not aware of the intrinsic value in many of the discarded metal items that we see every day. This is particularly true of nonferrous materials, also known as semi-precious metals. Find out how you can identify, separate, and prepare your ferrous and nonferrous scrap for classifications that earn higher-dollar payments at our recycling facility.

Testing of scrap metals - Accurate scrap metal testing and analysis for grade, composition, and presence of impurities is a key component of scrap metal recovery and recycling. Atlas Pacific has earned a leading reputation in metal analysis and offers scrap metal analysis, metal impurities analysis and scrap metal trade services.